Ville Vesterinen, in brief

Ville Vesterinen is an entrepreneur and the author of In Praise of Growth.

Currently Vesterinen serves on the board of directors of Swappie, a fast growing e-commerce company selling refurbished mobile phones as well as Maria 01, a 20 000 m² (soon 70 000 m²!) campus for tech companies in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Additionally Vesterinen serves on the board of directors of Startup Foundation which owns initiatives such as Slush, a global student-driven, not-for-profit movement founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship.

Vesterinen has been very fortunate having had the opportunity to be involved with the creation of some of the very organisations and companies he still works with along with countless failed experiments and ambitious startups that went nowhere.

You can reach Ville at ville.vesterinen [at]